Ph.D’s Guided

30 years of active research including supervision of more than 20 doctoral students’ 18 having already completed Ph.D Degrees.

List of Publications

About 300 publications in this period out of which more than 130 have appeared in reputed international journals.

Details of these publications, in various international journals are :

(i)     IEEE Transactions

(ii)    International Journal of Electronics

(iii)   International Journal of System Science

(iv)   International Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering

(v)    International Journal of Reliability Engineering & System Safety

(vi)   International Journal of Microelectronics & Reliability

(vii)  ACM SIGSOFT, Software Engineering Notes

(viii) Computer Science, Metric News, Object Technology

(ix)   Other international Journals

Referee for IEEE Transactions on Reliability for last several years; reviewed more than 40 research papers. Also referee for other journals such as IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Communications, various National & International Conferences, etc.

Guest Editor for a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Reliability, titled “Status of Reliability Effort in Indian Sub-continent”.

Chief Investigator for successfully completed Ministry of Education, Government of India sponsored Research Project entitled “Reliability Analysis of Communication Systems”.

Member of Project Review and Steering Committee of the Government of India research project on “Fault Tolerant Design of Large Systems” sponsored at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Chief Investigator for successfully completed Electronics Commission’s Research Project entitled “ Reliability Analysis and Optimization of Systems”. About 25 Technical Reports and about 10 Software Packages submitted to the Department of Electronics, Govt. of India as fallout of the project.

The research work has been very widely cited in IEEE Transactions on Reliability, USA and Microelectronics & Reliability, a leading journal of Pergamon press, UK. Also work has been cited in several text books. The two text books by foreign authors, in which more than 10 of the papers have been cited are a book on Reliability Optimization by Prof. Tillman of USA, published by Marcel Dekker, and a German book entitled “Leistungsfahigkeit, Qulitat, Znverlassigkert”.

Chaired the technical sessions in National Conference on Quality and Reliability; National System Conference and International Conference on Reliability and Quality Control, Paris; International Conference on Software Engineering, Canada; 2003; International Conferences on Computer Science & its Applications, USA in 2004 & 2005.

Keynote Speaker at 14th Scientific Conference, Dresden, Germany; National Conference on Quality and Reliability, IIT, Bombay; Centre for Reliability, Madras etc.

Presented a Tutorial in International Conference on Software Engineering,  at Chennai.

Director, Centre for Excellence for man power development in Reliability Engineering established by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India at Regional Engineering College Kurukshetra.

Academic Activities

Industrial Activities

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