Founder Vice-Chancellor of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University from December, 1998 to November, 2008.

Established all university bodies in a record time.

Established nine university programs for on – campus teaching.

Affiliated about 85 professional educational institutions.

Put into practice several innovative and desirable ideas such as Compulsory Attendance,Continuous Assessment, Semester System, Participative Continuous Assessment, Semester System, Participative & Democratic working, Performance Evaluation of Teachers (including the major component by students), Weekly Colloquiums, Monthly Open Sessions with all Teachers & amp; Officers, Student friendly working, Officer-oriented work culture, etc.

Built in the participation of experts from industry/profession.

Devised financial model to make the university self reliant in about five years.

Ensured Accreditation of the University by NAAC (A-grade).

Founder Pro Vice-Chancellor for 3 years at GJU

General Administration in the newly established University for areas such as Examination,Hostels,Student   Activities etc.

Framing of all rules / regulations for the new University

Responsible for collaboration with IGNOU for distance education program in the areas of Computer Education and Management.

Founder Head of Department at NIT, Kurukshetra for about 14 years

Established & developed B-Tech Degree course in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Established & developed M-Tech Degree course in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Established B-Tech Degree course in Computer Engineering

Established the Computer Centre at the College

Professor Incharge Academic Affairs/ Dean Students and Academic Affairs for about 10  years at NIT, Kurukshetra

Responsible for organisation of university examinations in the institute

Responsible for liaison with affiliating university regarding all academic matters

Chairman, Board of Discipline for students’ problems.

Dean (Planning & Development) for about 2 years

Prepared the Program of Action by the College based on New Policy of Education

Prepared the Annual Plans of the College during this period

Co-ordinator for Continuing Education Program, Entrepreneurship Development Program, Faculty Development Program, etc.

Co-ordinated the Consultancy Projects & Sponsored Research Projects in the College.


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